$66 Weekly House Cleaning

versus $150 with Cleaning Companies

Get you house cleaned 2 times at the same price
as 1 time with other cleaning companies.

Cleaners Provide Multiple Services

    No Cleaning
    Is too Tough

  • Green cleaning
  • Degrease oven
  • Inside refrig
  • Outside areas
  • And More

    Chores, Pet and Child
    Services and More

  • Wash and iron
  • Grocery shop
  • Prepare meals
  • Run errands
  • And more

Review Detailed Information

Select The Cleaner You Want

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Get you house cleaned 2 times at the same price
as 1 time with other cleaning companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use House Cleaner Plus?

We interview thousands of potential cleaners. Those that meet our stringent requirements are more fully screened. We only select those cleaners that have been proven to be reliable, pay attention to details, follow directions and consistently provide the highest service quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our Cleaners Do More Than Clean

We only present cleaners willing to provide services in addition to cleaning. We have cleaners experienced, and willing to also handle Personal Assistant, Pet Services, Child Services and Senior Services, as indicated on their Profile.

You Select the Cleaner You Want

You can review detailed information, including education, work history, licenses, certifications, personal information, and client reviews about each cleaner available in your area, and select the one that is best suited to fill your needs. You can continue to use that leaner or change whenever you want.

Detailed Background Checks

  • No National Crime violations
  • No Sex Offender violations
  • Verified Social Security Identity
  • Valid driver’s license
  • No driving license suspensions
  • No alcohol /drug convictions
  • Favorable references
  • Favorable customer Ratings

You can continue to use the cleaner you select or change whenever you want.

We Monitor Each Cleaner

We investigate any action, or lack of action, that causes our customer to be unhappy with the quality of service provided. If the actions violate our terms, we stop referring that cleaner to new customers, and notify all customers using that cleaner.

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee

After every service session we will contact you by text or email to determine your level or satisfaction, and areas that need improvement. If you are ever dissatisfied for any reason, just let us know within 24 hours, and we will have the problem fixed at no cost to you or give you a refund.

Advantages Over Other Cleaning Companies
  • Most charge $150 for 3 hours, which is more than double our charge.
  • Cleaners of other cleaning companies won’t do the following:
    • Household Chores
    • Run Errands
    • Help With Pets
    • Help With Children
    • Help With Seniors
  • You do not select the cleaner you are sent.
  • Cleaners of other cleaning companies won’t do the following:
  • Cleaners are often not fluent in your language and cannot understand your instructions.
  • They do not send the same cleaner, which causes things to not be done consistently.
  • Many cleaners of cleaning companies do not have background checks.
  • Most cleaning services do not provide damage or theft protection.
Advantages Over Hiring My Own Cleaner

If you pay a cleaner you hire $2,000 a year or more, and set the dates and times they work for you, the Federal Government considers that worker as your employee, and that means the following:

  • If you don’t pay payroll taxes, your homeowner’s insurance won’t protect you if that worker gets injured on your property, or causes property damage, or commits theft.
  • Without Homeowner Insurance you can be fully liable for the cleaner’s lost wages and medical expenses.
  • Under new laws you can be criminally prosecuted, if that worker is not a U.S. citizen and I-9 work papers have not been filed with the government.
  • If your cleaner gets deported you could be responsible for unpaid wages from your cleaner’s current age until they reach retirement age

How We Protect You From Government Risks

  • We pay the cleaners we refer and you pay us. You do not control their pay rate.
  • The cleaner we refer posts their available schedule online and you select the time that’s best for you.
  • Every cleaner we refer to you has passed a national background check, sex offender violations, state and county violations and more.
  • We offer you property damage and theft protection for any cleaner we refer.
  • Every cleaner we refer has signed a contract agreeing they will not hold anyone we refer responsible for any personal damages or loss of income they might incur working on your property.
How Is My Property Protected?

In the unlikely event that there is cleaner caused damage in your home, you need to inform us within 24 hours following the cleaner’s visit. We will require proof of the damage, including photos & full details of the breakage. We will decide if the cleaner is responsible for the damages, and if so, we will cover the cost of repair.

Like general liability insurance our protection plan does not cover very high value items and we can’t replace the personal value of sentimental items. Therefore, we encourage you NOT to clean those items and move them to a safe place.

How To Start Using Our Service?

Tell Us About Your House and Future Services Needed

Set up a Free Account on our site and provide us with information about your home, preferences, and future services you may need. We will search our database and recommend cleaners in your area that meet your requirements and who will provide the cleaning and services you want.

Set an Appointment

Review the information and work schedule of the cleaner’s we present, and request an appointment date and time with the cleaner you select. To request an appointment we require your contact information, property address, and billing information. We will not process your payment until after the appointment is conformed.

Your Information Is Kept Private

Your l information is kept secure and private. We only use your information to monitor and control the quality of service you are receiving from any cleaners we refer. We do not sell, rent or make your information available to anyone.

What is the Cost of Service?

Hourly Rate

The cleaning and service hourly rate is based on your frequency of service. Other cleaning companies charge $50 to $70 an hour for service. Even worse, is that they give a fixed price and if they take less than the hours estimated they don’t give a refund. In fact, they have an incentive to do as little as possible so they can end service which increases their hourly rate even further.

Our hourly rate is $22 an hour if you receive service 1 time a week or more. The hourly rate for 2 times a month is $25 an hour, and for 1 day a month, it’s $28 an hour. There is an added $1.00 hourly charge if the cleaner is asked to provide the cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies.


Our price is based on Service Frequency.You can change your service frequency at any time. If during any 30 day period, you choose a lower service frequency, but received more service days than you selected, you will be given a refund based on the actual service frequency you used versus what you previously selected. If you selected a higher service frequency, and received less service than selected, you will be automatically charged extra for the difference between the service frequency you selected and the service frequency used.

Price Guarantee

Your price is guaranteed by us for 24 months.

Plan Term?

You may cancel at any time without cost before you use the same cleaner two times. After that time there is a 3-month minimum term, but you can change cleaners as many times as you want during that term. . If you entirely stop using our service during the 3-month minimum term, you will be charged for the balance of remaining appointments up to $150 maximum. There is no cost to cancel before the second appointment with the same cleaner or after the 3-month initial term.

Appointment Cancelation or Change

We bill for appointments 48 hours before the appointment date. You can reschedule at no cost with at least 48 hours advance notice. If you change or cancel within 2 to 48 hours, your credit card will be charged $25 and we’ll credit the value of the booking to your account, which you can use for future cleaning or other services. If you don’t provide at least 2 hours’ notice, the appointment charge won’t be credited for future use.