Other Cleaners Charge a High Cost

Other cleaning companies charge $105 - $150 for 3 hours of cleaning and only clean. We charge just $66 for the same cleaning time, and we provide many more services.

Other Cleaners Want to Do As Little as Possible

Most cleaning companies charge a fixed price so they are interested in doing as little as they can in the shortest time.

As a result, many cleaning companies neglect to clean important areas that get extremely dirty and unsanitary. This significantly increases the chances of spreading germs, resulting in colds, infections and possible diseases.

Other Cleaning Companies Offer Very Limited Services

We provide many services in addition to cleaning that other cleaning companies won’t provide.

  • Other cleaning companies will not grocery shop, feed or exercise pets, assist with child care, run errands, or do other household chores.
  • Many cleaning company workers cannot speak the language you are fluent in, so they can’t understand your instructions.
  • Other cleaning companies do not normally service you with the same cleaners and that can result with things not being done consistently or the way you want. It also causes added security risks as responsibility can’t be proven.
  • Most cleaning companies do not do a certified background check on all cleaners they send you.
  • Most cleaning companies do not provide insurance to protect you against cleaner caused property damage or theft.

          You Can Now Afford 4 Times at Cost of 2 times

  • Other cleaning companies charge two times or more than our cost. This means you can afford 1 day every week of our services versus only 2 days a month with other cleaning companies.
  • Even if you don’t want extra days of cleaning you can use the extra service to have our referred housekeeper handle your personal chores or other things on your to-do- list.

Problems of Having a Cleaner Only 2 days a Month

The high cost of using another cleaning company causes many families to have cleaning done 2 days a month and get no help with house and family chores.

Problems this can cause:

  • Cleaning and family chores deplete your energy and limit your available time to enjoy doing the activities you really like.
  • Your cleaning often causes you to not get enough sleep, and that can harm your ability to function in your daily life and suppresses your immune system and increases illness.
  • Studies show children have lower grades in school, and engage in bad behaviors if their parents don’t have enough free time to spend with them.
  • Having cleaning and family chores to do at home is like having a second job, and this can negatively affect the time and energy you can devote to your career. This has been proven to cause smaller salary increases and advancement results at work.
  • Some spouse’s build resentment, if the burden of cleaning or chores, is unfairly placed more on one or the other.
  • 35% of respondents to a survey report diminished sex drive as a result of uneven household distribution

Here Are a Few Areas Other Cleaners Neglect

Bathroom Linen Closets

If you have a cabinet or linen closet, all contents should be removed periodically and the shelves wiped down. This gives you time to sort make-up and other toiletries, and throw away items that are expired or empty. Even toothpaste has an expiration date.

Bathroom Handles

A 2014 study found bathroom handles, and door knobs, to be one of the highest points of contamination in a house.

Bathroom Hanging Towels

Towel’s get wet, sit in warm, moist bathrooms, and pick up dead skin particles during use, which provides the organic food material for microbes to live on. You should wash towels at least once a month at a high temperature.

Cabinet Tops

Whether you have space between your kitchen cabinets and the ceiling or an armoire in a living room or bedroom, be sure your cleaner uses a ladder to clean the top.

Ceiling Corners and Baseboards

It’s important to wipe down ceiling corners, baseboards and trim at least once a month, which tend to collect dust.

Ceiling Fans

As the ceiling blades spin, they are likely to throw dust across the room. Your cleaner should get on a ladder and wipe down the blades monthly.

Condiment Containers

You normally use food condiments for every meal. They can become filthy from both food stained hands and the condiments leaking out of the bottle. This creates a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.


In addition to cleaning the area around your dryer, it is important to periodically clean the dryer vent to prevent a fire hazard.


Dusting used surfaces and furniture should be done at least weekly.


You should mop floors and vacuum carpets weekly. Periodically move the furniture to reach areas not routinely cleaned.


A dirty humidifier breeds mold and bacteria. This has the potential to trigger flu or even lung infections when the contaminated mist or steam is released into the air. Authorities recommend cleaning them at least every week.

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances attract grease, which provides a perfect surface for dust to stick. Be sure you clean your entire counter top appliance, especially behind and underneath, to ensure the area where you cook is sanitary. Major appliances should be moved for cleaning a couple of times a year.

Kitchen Cabinet Interiors

Periodically remove all the items in your cabinets and wipe down the shelving and throw away your canned and other packaged goods that have expired.

Kitchen Chopping Board

The preparation of raw food creates the perfect condition for germs. There are about 200 times more bacteria on a typical chopping board compared to the average toilet seat.

Kitchen Sponge Crevices

Kitchen sponges are 100,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Wiping down dishes, counters or a kitchen bench, with a kitchen sponge actually spreads the germs. You should make sure you clean with a sterilized or new sponge every time, or use washable micro fiber cloths.

Pet Food Bowls

The Public health organization rated pet food bowls as the fourth dirtiest spot in a home.

Phone devices

The gastroenteritis virus can last a month on the surface of your phone. In fact, a 2011 survey found 75 per cent of Americans use their phone while on the toilet.

Refrigerator and Freezer Handles

Kitchen applicance handles should be cleaned at least weekly, since they probably come into contact with people’s hands more than any other area of the house. The main problem is that touching the refrigerator handle has often been proceeded with handling raw food minutes before.

Refrigerator Inside

You should clear out spoiled or expired items from your refrigerator before your weekly shopping trip, and making room for fresh items.


If you enjoy a snack or two while in bed, you should wash your sheets at least once a week.


Cleaning the toilet itself is pretty obvious, but the walls and floors behind and around the toilet, as well as the pedestal of the toilet should be cleaned at least weekly.

Washing Machine Inside

The washing machine is the perfect place for E. coli bacteria to thrive, so it must be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Here’s A few Things Other Cleaning Companies Won’t Handle

Remove Carpet Stains
Clean Between Tiles
Clean Blinds Grime
Clean Air Conditioning
Clean Vent Covers Outside with Water
Clean Oven Vents
Clean Dryer Vents
Clean and Deodorize Mattresses
Deep Clean Toaster