Frequently Asked Questions


Every House Cleaner Plus Client is assigned a House Cleaner Plus Advisor to help them work with their Housekeeper.

You will work with your Housekeeper to develop a customized Checklist Plan for your household. Your Plan will consist of the things you want done and a frequency schedule. This plan can be changed at any time you request.

Your Advisor will contact you immediately following every service day by your choice of text, or email to determine your level of satisfaction with the work performed.

House Cleaner Plus Housekeepers also serve as Personal Assistants and assist with Child Services, Pet Services, and Senior Services.

  • House Cleaner Plus has each Housekeeper complete an extensive application covering their past education, licenses, work history, work references and other personal information. We have comprehensive background checks conducted and performance contracts signed.
  • All Housekeepers sign an extensive performance contract detailing the services to be provided.
  • We provide Clients free insurance protection that includes:
    • Protection for Housekeeper property caused damages.
    • Protection for Housekeeper theft.
  • We use Client feedback to provide coaching.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In the unlikely event that there is Housekeeper caused damage in your home, you need to inform us within the 24 hour period following our Housekeeper’s visit. Our insurance company will require proof of the damage, including photos & full details of the breakage.

The insurance company’s representative will make a determination if the Housekeeper is responsible for the damages, and if so, they will cover the cost.

We have built our business and reputation by providing our Clients with the best possible Housekeeper services available anywhere. For this reason, we offer Clients a guarantee that states If they are not 100% satisfied with the cleaning services provided by our Housekeeper, for any reason, contact us within 24 hours, and we will come back, at no cost, and re-clean to your complete satisfaction.

  1. You Can Be Criminally Prosecuted for not paying payroll taxes for your domestic worker or if your domestic worker is not a U.S. citizen and work papers have not been filed with the government. This law even allows undocumented workers to sue for “pain and suffering” in relation to their job termination and likely deportation if work documentation papers have not been filed.

  2. If payroll taxes are not paid, your own insurance will not protect you if a worker gets injured on your property, or causes damage, or commits theft.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Where Using Our Service Protects Our Clients:

  1. Property damages or theft
    Your Housekeeper steals items from your home or causes damage to your home or valuables.

  2. Government Work Papers Were Not Filed By A Household
    Households are required to file an I-9 employment form with the government for a cleaner or other domestic helper they pay directly – either over or under the table. With this case, the Cleaner was deported for unauthorized employment and the household had to pay substantial government penalties and lost wages to that Cleaner for over 10 years.

  3. A Household Did Not Pay Payroll Taxes
    There is a case where an employee did not file tax returns and was deported, and was able to sue for future lost wages. Even if the Cleaner doesn’t have a Social Security number, or has a false Social Security number, the household employer could have to pay for unpaid wages from the Cleaner’s current age until retirement age.


  1. We provide free insurance to protect you and your valuables

  2. We provide a 100% performance satisfaction guarantee

Simply Click on the “Sign Up” Simply Click on the “Sign Up” Link in the top Navigation Bar at the top of each page, and provide the information requested.

It is very easy to become a Client. We only require your name, email address, phone number, and billing information.

Your personal information is kept secure and private. We only use your information to monitor and control the quality of service you are receiving from our Housekeepers. We may at times contact you to inform you about products or services we feel may be of interest to you. However, every email communication will have an “Unsubscribe Link” at the bottom that allows you to stop all future communications of that type.

For complete details click here to view our full Privacy Policy details.

Your account information is protected by the password you set when setting up your account. Please keep your password safe. Change your password immediately if you feel it is no longer private. To change your Password, log into your account and go to the “My Profile & Settings” section in the footnotes at the bottom of each page.

If you forget your login information, click on “Login” located at the top of the first site page. Enter the email address you registered with, and click on “Forgot Password”. If your email address is registered in our system, we’ll email you a link to reset your password.

If you want to change your password, click on “Login” located at the top of the page. Enter the email address you registered with and we’ll email you a link to change your password.

For security purposes only we can update your email address. Please click on Contact and email the new email address you want to use. Be sure to send it from your currently registered email address.

If you’d like to stop receiving future emails, please click on the “Unsubscribe Link” at the bottom of any email we send you.

Our Terms of Service explains all the rules and regulations our Clients agree to accept in order to use House Cleaner Plus’s services. To view our Terms of Service , click on the Terms of Service Link shown in footnotes section at the bottom of each page.

Our Privacy Policy explains our agreement to keep your information safe and secure and how we may use it. Click on the Privacy Policy located at the bottom of each page

We will have you agree to a Terms of Service Agreement at the time of signing up for your Service. There is no term to this agreement; you may cancel at any time.

No. We pay the Housekeeper for any work done for you every pay period.

We accept major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal. We also accept most Debit Cards. At the present time we do not accept checks.

If you have a billing issue, simply click on the “Service Link” shown at the bottom of the site page, and follow the instructions to explain the billing problem that you have. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Please make sure to have your bill available so you can provide exact billing dates and amounts, and the billing receipt we sent you after the service was provided. This will allow us to quickly match your information to what we have in our system.

At the end each session with our Housekeeper you will be sent an email receipt explaining the services provided, the start time, the end time, and the charge. If we don’t receive an email from you within 24 hours of the receipt notice being sent, we will bill the credit or debit card you have previously placed on file with us for the amount shown on the receipt.


Yes! There is a comprehensive background check on every Housekeeper before allowing that Housekeeper to do work for a House Cleaner Plus Client.

  1. National Criminal Record Database.

  2. National Sex Offender Registry.

  3. State/County Criminal Records.

  4. US District Court Criminal Records.

  5. Driving Records.

  6. National Bankruptcy Records.

  7. National Warrants and Criminal Crime Records.

  8. Civil Restraining Orders.

  9. Verification of special skills and experience.

  10. Verification of licenses, training or certifications.

  11. Verification of each Housekeeper’s social security number.

  12. Verification of each Housekeeper’s authority to work in the U.S.

  13. Must have a valid driver’s license.

  14. Must have no driving license suspensions.

  15. Must have no alcohol or drug-related incidences.

  16. Must have car insurance if they are expected to use their car in providing you services.

  17. Must have no violations in the sex offender register.

  18. Must have no criminal convictions in federal, state and county criminal records.

We monitor each Housekeeper’s activities with other Clients

  1. You can review detailed background Profiles on all available Housekeepers in your area. You select the Housekeeper with the experience and skills you want. You can decide to keep or change your selected Housekeeper at any time.

  2. We investigate any action, or lack of action, that causes a Client to be unhappy with the quality of service provided.

  3. If the actions violate our terms, we discharge that Housekeeper, notify all Clients using that Housekeeper, and remove that Housekeeper’s information from our database.

No. We have a contract with each Housekeeper that sets forth the specific duties they are responsible for, including their schedule availability. We also have a Terms of Agreement contract with each Client.

No. Each household using the services of a Housekeeper must be a House Cleaner Plus Client.

All Housekeepers have agreed to only provide services to any House Cleaner Plus Clients for as long as that referred party remains as a Client of House Cleaner Plus.

All Clients have also agreed, in our Terms of Agreement, not to use any Housekeeper we refer to them except through House Cleaner Plus.

  1. Tell them you’re only interested in using their services through House Cleaner Plus.

  2. Email us through our “Service Link” that this Housekeeper asked you to do this.

  3. House Cleaner Plus is committed to the Quality and Protection of our Clients. We will remind your Housekeeper about the importance of only booking through the site.

Quality is our number one priority and we want our Clients to be completely satisfied.

Every Housekeeper is provided a checklist covering the work to be performed for any Client they are working for. At the end of each session they are required to complete this checklist to provide a summary of what was done, and to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

Our Advisors contact each Client following every service day by text, or email to determine the Client’s level of satisfaction with the work performed.

Our Advisor provides our Housekeepers with our Client’s feedback regarding his/her performance, and provides coaching to improve the areas needing attention.

We perform background checks, information checks, reference checks, and periodic contact with our Clients to obtain feedback on our Housekeeper’s performance. We also provide a 100% performance satisfaction guarantee.

There is no reason to have a trial day. The first cleaning session is just 3 hours so you can judge the Housekeepers quality of work. We provide a 100% work performance guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the work performed by any Housekeeper you selected, just let us know within 24 hours of the work being performed, and we will fix the problem at no added cost to you.

We also provide insurance to protect our Clients if the work performed by any of our Housekeepers creates any damage to their home, furnishings or valuables.

  1. Most cleaning companies charge a fixed price of $120 to $200 for 4 hours of cleaning. That amounts to $30 to $50 an hour. This means House Cleaner Plus Clients save 40% to 60% off the cost of other cleaning companies.

  2. The cleaners sent by most cleaning companies will not run errands or provide any other services other than clean.

  3. Many cleaning services will send you a cleaner who cannot speak the language you are fluent in, which means they may not understand your instructions, and many times they will not get the cleaning done correctly.

  4. Most cleaning companies will not guarantee that the same cleaners will always clean your home and that can result in big quality issues and things not being done consistently or the way you want.

  5. Most cleaning services do not do a certified background check on all cleaners they send.

  6. Most cleaning companies do not use insured cleaners.

Cleaning and other caregiver companies charge $110 to $150 for 4-3 hours of cleaning, which amounts to $30 to $50 an hour. This means Clients of House Cleaner Plus save 40% to 60% off the rates charged by most cleaning companies.

By using Your House Cleaner Plus Housekeeper to provide added services like feeding or walking your dog, or helping to care for your children, or providing senior companion services Clients also avoid paying high rates to other providers and having to satisfy minimum time requirements.

The total cost simply depends on the time needed to handle the cleaning. The more frequently you have your house cleaned the more additional areas that can be cleaned in a specific time period. You and your Hosekeeper set the time schedule and what needs to be done.

Your House Cleaner Plus Advisor will email you a list showing all the types of cleaning that can be done and will develop, with you and your Housekeeper’s help, a customized Cleaning Plan with you. Your Plan will consist of the areas you want cleaned, when you want those areas cleaned and a frequency schedule. This Plan can be changed at any time you request.

The Plan is customized for you. If you don’t want something done, your Housekeeper or Advisor will place an X on your Plan checklist next to that line item. If you want to add something, it will be added in the Added Cleaning Section. If the item is special and you want to make sure the Housekeeper doesn’t forget it, that item will be added to the Don’t Forget Section.

Yes. Your Housekeeper has agreed to do all cleaning functions wanted by our Clients, as specified on the Housekeeper’s Profile. If there is something that requires special skills or equipment like shampooing your rugs, or polishing marble, power washing, cleaning grout, changing air conditioning or water filters, etc., your Housekeeper, or your Advisor, will obtain the assistance of other House Cleaner Plus Housekeepers or providers that have the needed capability. If it is a specialized service, you will be given a separate price and time quote that you have the option to agree with or not.

Yes. Most of our Housekeepers are trained, experienced, and willing to also handle Personal Assistant, Pet Services, Child Services and Senior Services, as indicated on their Profile. You should refer to the FAQ’s for each individual service, or the navigation link for that service to see what’s included.

Yes. It is indicated on each Housekeeper’s Profile if they have been trained in Green Cleaning.

Non Green Cleaning solutions can harm the environment and produce exposure to toxic ingredients which can cause repository distress, eye damage, skin burns and irritations, headaches, nausea, reproductive issues, and chemical poisoning. These toxins are not only harmful to adults, but they are even more harmful to children and pets.

Clients can elect to have House Cleaner Plus send them green cleaning supplies every month for our Housekeepers to use in the Client’s home. These green cleaning supplies are provided to Clients at a substantial discount.

If this option is not selected it is the Client’s responsibility to provide their Housekeeper with the cleaning supplies they want their Housekeeper to use.

It is the Clients responsibility to provide their Housekeeper with equipment like vacuums, brooms, swimming pool cleaning nets, leaf blowers, brooms, mops and other equipment they want their Housekeeper to use. Some Housekeepers can provide their own equipment and this will be indicated on their individual Profile.

If you select the Green Cleaning Supply option then the Housekeeper will provide all the solutions, mops and rags they will use.

Our Housekeeper Profiles indicate which Housekeepers have the most experience handling delicate cleaning situations. If your Housekeeper doesn’t have the needed expertise to clean something special they will obtain the help of another House Cleaner Plus Housekeeper that has the needed expertise. When new surface types are introduced, we consult with installers of these new surfaces to learn how to properly care for them.

Be sure to let your House Cleaner Plus Advisor know if your home has any special surfaces that need added experience to care for.

All of our Housekeepers are experienced in cleaning thoroughly. Your Housekeeper may request to have some help moving heavier objects to customize your needs or requests.

Green cleaning supplies are healthy, environmentally protective and specially designed to make your home smell clean, odor free and fresh, while still effectively sanitizing and cleaning your home.

Your Housekeeper will follow your instructions regarding what you want to have them clean, and how often.

Your Housekeeper will follow your instructions regrading what you want to have them clean, and how often. If you need to have your pool cleaned regularly you should look for a Housekeeper that indicates they will do that and can swim in an emergency.

Your Housekeeper will clean your entire home in accordance with the Plan that they prepare with you. In-depth cleaning like the inside of your oven, or defrosting your freezer can be scheduled for specific dates on your Plan checklist.

Our Housekeepers have signed a performance contract to clean the houses of our Clients thoroughly. For extremely high areas our Clients normally provide a step ladder for our Housekeepers to use. To have your Housekeeper change smoke detector batteries, or clean a chandelier, or clean a vaulted ceiling fan it may be necessary to provide a higher ladder for them to use, and select a Housekeeper that is willing to provide that service.

While we carry general liability insurance our policy does not cover very high value items and we can’t replace the personal value of sentimental items. Therefore, we encourage you NOT to clean those items and move them to a safe place.

Yes, there is no problem cleaning the first floor windows both the inside and outside, as well as the screens and sills. It will take a special cleaning team that we can provide to clean your second floor windows.

Yes. All of our Housekeepers are willing to provide personal assistant services in addition to their regular cleaning activities. The types of Personal Assistant services they are willing to provide are clearly indicated on their individual Profile.


It’s easy. Just enter the information requested in our Free Search box and you will immediately be shown comprehensive information about all Housekeepers that are available in your area.

  1. If you already have an account name and password simply click on the Login link at the top Navigation Bar, and enter your information.
  2. If you don’t have an account name and password then you need to complete the search criteria on the Home Page.

To obtain added assistance on finding a Housekeeper click on the “Service” link, in the Footnotes section at the bottom of each page. Provide your contact information and indicate what you want to talk to an Advisor about finding the best Housekeeper.

For the safety and privacy of our Housekeepers you may only contact Housekeepers directly once you become a Client.


If additional time is needed to finish the job requested, the Housekeeper will stay longer at the Client’s request, or return as soon as possible when time is available.

No. Most of our customers aren’t home during Housekeeper appointments.

Many of our Clients have an alarm system and they set a special code for our Housekeeper to activate their alarm when entering and leaving.

Some Clients hide a key and some use a lock box system.

Many Clients feel comfortable leaving a key for the Housekeeper to use because they are always sent the same Housekeeper that has been background checked and is fully insured.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment you just contact your Housekeeper online, call and make the new arrangements.

If, for any reason, you cannot reach your Housekeeper you can click on the “Service Link” at the bottom of every page and follow the instructions.

Please understand that all our Housekeepers have a limited amount of available time, and they can lose an important part of their income if they can’t fill the time they allocated for you. We ask you to please contact us 48 hours before your scheduled service date so alternative arrangements can be made. If your cancellation means your Housekeeper cannot put another Client in your spot, a fee of $50 may be charged, although we want to help you avoid incurring these fees.

If your Housekeeper is not able to get into your home at the time of your scheduled appointment it will be treated like a cancellation without proper notice, and you will be charged a $50 fee.

Some Clients set a special code individually established for their Housekeeper to turn off and turn on their alarm system. Using a special access code allows our Client to monitor exactly when their Housekeeper entered their home and left. If you don’t have the ability to set a special access code it would be best to not activate your alarm for your appointment day.

If you have a pet you should be sure to select a Housekeeper that indicates they are pet friendly on their profile. Be sure to provide your Housekeeper with any special information they may need to know about your pets.

Many of our Housekeepers indicate on their profile that they are pet friendly. This means you are free to let your pets roam free with no problems at all. Be sure to discuss this with the Housekeeper you select. If you have a dog that’s aggressive with new people, please let your Housekeeper know how to handle a problem situation.

Make sure your Housekeeper knows to keep your dog or cat inside, especially if they may wait by the door for an opportunity to slip out when your Housekeeper opens the door to enter or exit. In this case, you may want to consider containing your pet on days when you know your Housekeeper will be visiting you.

Pet Services

If their Profile indicates Pet Friendly that means they will feed and provide water to your dog or cat, exercise or walk them, clean the litter box, poop scoop the yard, do other pet clean up, and provide some additional love and affection. They can do this at times when they come to your house to clean, and many Housekeepers agree to make daily visits on non-cleaning days. Many of our Housekeepers will also allow you to leave your dog or cat with them, or stay at your house overnight or make day and night visits when you go away on a trip or vacation or just overnight rather than using a kennel or imposing on a friend. If this is not something the Housekeeper you select is willing to do we will help you find that can handle this.

A kennel’s lack of attention with many dogs barking at the same time, and a new diet and a strange daily routine will often cause your pet to become distressed and upset. Your pet will normally stay in a cage unless being walked for bathroom breaks, which feels like punishment and stresses your pet. This can also cause future behavioral issues with house trained pets.

  1. Overnight Care in Your Home

    1. Your pet stays in a familiar environment, where all sights, smells, and sounds are familiar.

    2. Your pet maintains their normal routine of feeding, play and exercise.

    3. Your pet gets love and personal attention from your Housekeeper that they already know.

    4. Your pet feels safe and secure, even though you are not present.

  2. Overnight Care in Housekeeper’s Home

    With this option you can board your pets in the Housekeeper’s home, which is a safe and closely supervised home environment. Your Housekeeper will play, feed, walk, and exercise your pet at pre-scheduled intervals. They will even text you pictures and updates to keep you informed about how your pet is doing.

Your Housekeeper can come to your home at agreed upon times to do the following:

  1. Provide fresh water.

  2. Provide food.

  3. Bathe, dry, and brush your pet.

  4. Provide companionship.

  5. Provide exercise to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and control weight.

  6. Provide play.

  7. Walk your dog.

  8. Provide pet clean-up.

  9. Clean the litter box.

  10. Clean pet toys.

  11. Clean pet bedding.

  12. Sanitize pet bedding.

  13. Clean your pet crate.

All House Cleaner Plus services are charged at the same low rate. An additional discount is often provided for boarding. You should consult with your Advisor to determine the exact cost.

Child Services

  1. Parent’s Helper

    1. Many of our Housekeepers are willing to assist a stay-at-home parent, or new parent, or parents of multiple children, and parents who work from home that need extra help while they are home.

  2. Sick Child Services

    1. If your child gets sick, or is recuperating, you can use our Housekeepers instead of having to stay home.

  3. School Days Off Care

    1. Your Housekeeper can be available for school time off, a holiday break, bad weather or other day off including vacation days or “teacher planning days”. If your specific Housekeeper is not available when needed, your Advisor will find another Housekeeper for you.

The services each Housekeeper is trained and willing to do are indicated on their individual Profile. Some of the available services are as follows:

  1. Infant, Toddlers.

    1. Cooking/ feeding.

    2. Changing diapers.

    3. Getting children ready for naps.

    4. Playtime/lessons (reading to them, doing crafts, etc.).

  2. Pre-School or School Age Children

    1. Drive children to school, activities, play dates, supervise and/or pick them up.

    2. Prepare before or after school snacks or meals.

    3. Get children ready for naps.

    4. Playtime/lessons (reading to them, doing crafts, etc.).

    5. Encourage good study habits and get them started on their homework.

The individual Housekeeper Profile will indicate if they are CPR and First Aid Certified, as well as any special licenses or certifications they have.

Yes. They will be happy to follow any special instructions you provide regarding such things as the following:

  1. The amount of time television can be watched.

  2. The amount of time that can be spent talking on the phone, computer, or video games.

  3. Who is on the approved visitor list and who is not.

  4. How much time should be spent in learning versus playing.

  5. Household procedures for discipline – time out, loss of privileges.

  6. Procedures to maintain consistency (meal time, bath time, bed time).

  7. Food allowed.

  8. Allergies.

  9. What to do in an emergency situation like procedures for injury, fire etc.

  10. Routines including potty training, nap or bed time procedures, mealtime with specific food requests or allergies, and bedtime routines.

  11. How to handle situations when your child disobeys home rules.

  12. Instructions on how you should be contacted if there are questions or concerns.

You will work with your Advisor to develop a customized Checklist Plan. Your Plan will consist of the things you want done and a frequency schedule. This Plan can be changed at any time you request.

Your Advisor will contact you immediately following every service day by your choice of text, or email to determine your level of satisfaction with the work performed.

Your Advisor will provide your Housekeeper with your feedback regarding his/her performance, so they can improve the areas needing attention.

Senior Services

Many of the Housekeepers in our database are trained, experienced and willing to help seniors with their daily chores to make their life easier, and make their going out or staying at home more enjoyable.

  1. Conversation at mealtime or other moments of the day to enhance happiness and quality of life.

  2. Play games, take a walk in a park or shopping center, trips to a religious center or other places to provide exercise and stimulate the senior’s mind.

  3. Transportation to doctor appointments.

  4. Transportation to religious services and events.

  5. Help with hobbies (games, gardening, sports, news).

  6. Communication liaison with friends or family to provide updates and answer questions.

Assistance with Household Chores

Cleaning including room tidying and organizing, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming rugs, dusting, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, taking out the trash, defrosting the freezer when necessary, cleaning water filters, change bed linens, clean and organize closets and drawers, wash interior windows, do laundry including washing and drying towels, bed linens and clothes, ironing and putting things away and handle other similar requests.

Personal Assistance

  1. Prepare grocery lists.

  2. Grocery shop either with the senior or without.

  3. Meal preparation.

  4. Monitor diet and eating.

  5. Check food expirations.

  6. Dine together at favorite restaurants.

  7. Accompany to movies and theaters.

  8. Visits and outings in the community.

  9. Make an appointment with providers for home maintenance.

  10. Supervise home maintenance.

  11. General shopping and errands.

  12. Carry in packages and put things away.

  13. Oversee home deliveries.

  14. Make a doctor or dentist appointment.

  15. Drop off or pick up dry cleaning, prescriptions, post office activities or other errands.