Problems With Other Cleaning Companies

  • They Charge a Very High Price

    Most cleaning companies charge $150 to $185 for 3 hours, which is more than double our low $66 charge.

  • This means you can double the number times of times you get your house cleaned at no increase in cost, or keep the frequency the same and cut your cost by at least 50%.

  • They Charge a Fixed Price So They Do as Little as Possible

    Cleaning company charge a fixed price gives cleaning companies the incentive to do as little as possible in shortest time.

  • Our cleaners charge by the hour, and the more frequently you use our service the lower your cost.

  • They Choose the Cleaner to Send You

    Many cleaning companies send cleaners not fluent in their customer’s language, so the cleaner cannot understand instructions. Their cleaners often do not have a background check. They offer no protection for cleaner caused property damage or theft.

  • The cleaner you select through us, will be fluent in the language indicated on their profile. They have a full background check, and we provide protection against property damage and theft.

  • They Change the Cleaner they Send

    Most cleaning companies do not always send the same cleaner, which causes things to not be done consistently.

  • With us, you select the cleaner you want. You can continue with the same cleaner or change whenever you want.

  • They Only Clean

    Cleaners of cleaning companies, only clean and provide no other services. They are not willing to help with things like washing and ironing clothes, change ceiling light bulbs, grocery shop, feed or exercise pets, assist with child services, run errands, and many other household chores

  • All of the cleaners you can select through us, provide multiple services. You can select a cleaner experienced and willing to do inside, outside and deep cleaning, household chores, run errands, help with pets, help with children, help with seniors.