Pet Services

Pet Services

In a kennel your pet normally stays in a cage unless being walked for bathroom breaks, which feels like punishment and causes stress to your pet(s). This can also cause future behavioral issues with trained pets.

Highest Quality Cleaners

Clean your pet’s food bowls

Clean pet sleeping areas

Provide fresh water and food

Poop scoop the yard, replace potty pads, clean the litter box

Walk your dog


If you are looking for someone to help you take care of your pets, you will find that many of our Housekeepers also have pet services experience.

Care in YOUR HOME When NOT Providing Other Services
  • When you’re going to be away from your home during the day, your cleaner can visit to feed and exercise your pets. You can even elect to have your cleaner spend a little additional time to make your beds, wash the dishes, empty trash and tidy your rooms.
Overnight Care - in YOUR HOME

If you’re going to be away overnight, your cleaner can come to your home at agreed upon times, to feed your pets, give them fresh water or food, exercise, walk and play with your pets. They can also clean the litter box, poop scoop the yard, and do other pet clean up.

Many cleaners, as indicated on their profile, are available to spend the night at your home and depart the next morning. Here are the advantages:

  • Your pet stays in a familiar environment, where all sights, smells, and sounds are familiar
  • Your pet maintains their normal routine of feeding, play and exercise.
  • Your pet gets personal love and attention from your cleaner that they already know.
  • Your pet feels safe and secure, even though you are not present.
  • Your pet is much less stressed because they are in a familiar environment
Overnight Care - In CLEANER’S HOME

Some leaners, as indicated on their profile, are willing to do pet boarding in their home. This provides the following advantages over a kennel:

  • Safe and closely supervised home environment.
  • Daily play, feeding, walking, exercise and companionship.
  • Your cleaner can text you pictures and updates to keep you informed about how your pet is doing.
Keeping Your Pet’s In Your Home Provides These Added Advantages

Your cleaner can handle special dietary or medication needs. If your pet becomes ill, they will communicate with you and take your pet to the vet if necessary. These situations are hard to control or determine when your pet is in a kennel.

You can also use your cleaner to provide other services while caring for your pet such as cleaning up any mess your pet(s) make, as well as house watch, general housekeeping, watering plants, bringing in the mail and paper, taking trash to the curb or anything else you request. Many are willing to use this time to do deep cleaning for you, since no one will be home.

Pet Service Licenses Available With Some Cleaners

The individual cleaner profile will indicate any special licenses or certifications they have such as:

  • NAPPS Member
  • Pet CPR / First Aid Certified


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